How the duck hair clip fuels Filipino Gen Zers’ maximalist obsession
6 May 2024
How the duck hair clip fuels Filipino Gen Zers’ maximalist obsession

A potent combination of nostalgia, kitsch, and social media virality has led to one of the Philippines’ most arbitrary trends that is taking over TikTok and younger generations – the duck hair clip. How does this tie into Filipino Gen Zers' obsession with Y2K and the past?

Bacs Arcebal

Bacs Arcebal is the creative director for Preview Magazine, a digital fashion publication in the Philippines. Bacs has also worked with different local publications like Cosmo Philippines, Candy Magazine, and Esquire Philippines.

Rey Padupad

Rey Padupad is a digital marketing strategist, fashion stylist, and creative consultant based in Manila. He collaborates with international fashion and beauty brands to devise strategies and campaigns, leveraging their businesses. His expertise helps shape brand narratives that redefine success in the fashion and beauty arena.

Samantha Beltran

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