How Northern cities are reshaping UK culture
15 Apr 2024
How Northern cities are reshaping UK culture

Funding, opportunities, and employment in arts and culture have long been concentrated in London. However, with government support and local initiatives, the country’s Northern cities are reshaping the cultural landscape, encouraging participation and fostering diverse pools of creative talent.

Abigail Scott Paul

Abigail Scott Paul was director of external relations and strategic partnerships at LEEDS 2023 from May 2020 to April 2024. She's a strategic communications expert who has worked on campaigns ranging from tackling poverty in the UK to improving design and architecture in cities. She's now the global head of the Humanise Campaign at Heatherwick Studio.

Nic Greenan

Nic Greenan is the CEO of Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle and was the lead for strategic cultural partnerships at Bradford Council, playing a key role in the Bradford 2025 bid process. She sits on the board for multiple cultural initiatives in the North, such as Leeds Music Trust.

Will Baldwin-Pask

Will Baldwin-Pask is a freelance marketing specialist and journalist based in West Yorkshire. He works with artists and cultural organisations from Manchester to Leeds and runs a non-profit media company, The State of the Arts, which covers the arts in the region.