How are attitudes to marriage and weddings changing?
8 Apr 2024
How are attitudes to marriage and weddings changing?

Faced with rising living costs and changing views on monogamy, people are ripping up the wedding rulebook and redefining what it means to get married. What other factors are impacting people’s attitudes toward weddings? And what can brands learn from this shift in celebrating milestones as a whole?

Amy Shack-Egan

Amy Shack-Egan is the founder of Modern Rebel, a wedding planning company that believes planning the big day should be enjoyable.

Charlotte Fox-Weber

Charlotte Fox-Weber is a psychotherapist and the author of What We Want, a book about desire.

Chloe Gray

Chloe Gray is a freelance journalist whose work focuses on demystifying women’s health and fitness. She is also the founder of Gray’s Anatomy, a newsletter about bodies, and a qualified fitness instructor.