What’s behind the appeal of historic beer brands?
8 Feb 2024
What’s behind the appeal of historic beer brands?

In a time marked by growing uncertainty and financial challenges in the brewing industry in both Britain and the US, heritage beer brands can represent a valuable resource for businesses to tackle these obstacles. But what exactly underlies the appeal of historical beers?

Steve Dunkley

Steve Dunkley is a former cellarman and brewer, now a beer and brewing historian with a holistic approach to researching and reporting on the hospitality industry.

Carli Nowlin

Carli Nowlin is the head brewer at 26 Acres Brewing Co. in North Carolina. She has been brewing for over 13 years, working in a wide range of breweries, from national chain pub breweries to small local start-ups all the way up to internationally distributed breweries.

Luke Slater

Luke Slater is The Cask Connoisseur’s in-house beer connoisseur. Having grown up in the most famous brewing town in Britain and once the beer capital of the world (Burton-upon-Trent), Slater knows a thing or two about beer. From the taste all the way to how the beer was made, he knows each step that is needed. Slater also worked in hospitality for the last ten years and has a keen understanding of what consumers want from their drinks, what sells best, and what are the common thoughts that a drinker will have.