What’s fuelling the protein foods craze in India?
9 Nov 2023
What’s fuelling the protein foods craze in India?

Indians are grappling with a protein deficiency crisis. However, the pandemic and digital shifts ushered in a health-conscious era, fuelling a protein revolution. This transformation primarily manifests in convenient and portable snack options tailored to the fast-paced lives of Indians.

Gayatri Chona

Gayatri Chona is a nutritionist, wellness coach, and the founder of Phab, a brand that offers easy and affordable snacking alternatives that taste good and are healthy for you.

Urvi Jhaveri

Urvi Jhaveri is a registered nutritionist with experience in the clinical and health industry since 2010. She has worked with government hospitals, NGOs, and sports professionals, catering to paediatric patients and athletes. She is the founder of ‘Feed to Care,’ an initiative dedicated to delivering diet consultations and counselling services.

Dhvani Solani

Dhvani Solani is an independent writer, editor, and brand strategist who keeps one eye on the cultural developments and changing behaviours unfolding in India and another on her puppy. Her essays, profiles, and trend forecasts have appeared in VICE, GQ, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, and Hindustan Times. She is the co-author of Run! (Hachette India) and helps develop branding, identity, and strategy for clients in the fashion, interiors, F&B, and lifestyle spaces.