Yes, bargain-hunting Britons are shopping differently
19 Oct 2023
Yes, bargain-hunting Britons are shopping differently

Faced with the cost of living crisis, British families are changing the way they shop for groceries, and they appreciate brands that help them navigate through the barrage of deals and offers. How can supermarkets offer support and guidance to a growing number of money-savvy Britons?

Dr. Garfield Benjamin

Dr. Garfield Benjamin is a senior lecturer in sociology at Solent University. Their research focuses on social issues related to technologies like data, AI and platforms, including concerns about trust, privacy, and inequality.

Will Higham

Will Higham is a futurist and consumer strategist. He founded Next Big Thing consultancy in 2002 and has offered strategic advice to clients from Amazon to Walt Disney.

Jo Peters

Jo Peters spent 20 years in international agencies working for brands such as Nike and Playstation. Having set up her trend consultancy, Jo volunteered with Samaritans. In 2020, she trained as a coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, helping clients make positive changes in their professional and personal lives. Jo recently studied with Climate Change Coaches, partnering with those wanting to take action on this vital systemic issue. Together with writing on consumer trends and design, Jo loves the big outdoors, from the beach in Shoreham-by-Sea where she lives to MTB on the South Downs.