How traditional British dishes fell out of favour
9 Oct 2023
How traditional British dishes fell out of favour

Sunday roasts, steak and kidney pies, and bangers and mash were once regularly served on dining tables across the UK. But changes to the way we eat at home have seen them fall out of favour. What does the future hold for traditional British dishes? And what brands can do to help them stay relevant?

Helena Lang

Helena Lang is the head of content at 7C3, a leading content marketing agency in London that combines expertise in creative, code, and content.

James Brooks

James Brooks is a social media marketing consultant who specifically works with food brands.

Ellen Manning

Ellen Manning is a freelance journalist specialising in food and drink. She is a former chief reporter at the Press Association and now writes for national newspapers and magazines, as well as writing the award-winning food blog Eat with Ellen. She loves the stories behind food and how it affects and reflects our culture, and when she’s not writing about food, you’ll most likely find her eating it somewhere in the UK or further afield.