Why Gen Zers are travelling more but insured less
10 Aug 2023
Why Gen Zers are travelling more but insured less

As the purchasing power of Gen Z picks up, so does their desire to travel the world. Why then are the younger generation so reluctant to take out travel insurance coverage, and how can travel insurance providers better cater to this hyper digitised and experienced driving generation?

Mark Beal

Mark Beal is a professor of public relations at Rutgers University and the author of ‘Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media’.

Steve Wardlaw

Steve Wardlaw is chairman of Emerald Life, an insurer that he founded in 2016 to offer equality to everyone in insurance, focusing particularly on women and the LGBT+ community. Emerald Life has won several awards for how they have changed the insurance sector for under-represented groups. Wardlaw is still a regular advocate on trans and HIV issues.