How intimate wellness is revolutionising female hygiene
3 Aug 2023
How intimate wellness is revolutionising female hygiene

Fuelled by progressive consumer mindsets, emphasis on education, and demand for holistic brands that service a mounting distrust towards mainstream medicine, this once taboo industry is at the frontier of the next beauty evolution, reshaping the landscape and empowering meaningful change.

Katy Cottam

Katy Cottam is the visionary founder behind Luna Daily. She has made it her mission to transform the narrative surrounding body care. With a background in the beauty industry, including notable roles at L’Oreal and as Global Head of Brand at Charlotte Tilbury, Cottam’s inspiration for Luna Daily stemmed from her own teenage struggles. After enduring a course of antibiotics that disrupted her gut and skin microbiome, leading to thrush, she found herself unable to rely on traditional body care products. Forced to resort to ‘feminine hygiene’ products, she experienced lasting feelings of shame and embarrassment. Recognising the lack of progress in the industry over the years, Cottam decided it was time for change. Collaborating with expert dermatologists and gynaecologists, the Luna Daily Collective was formed, resulting in ground-breaking, world-first products. Cottam’s ultimate goal is to foster connections among women, encouraging open conversations, and revolutionising education for women everywhere.

Tilly Pearman

London-based freelance journalist and editor Tilly Pearman is a seasoned lifestyle writer with a diverse portfolio covering wellness, beauty, sex, relationships, fitness, and nutrition. With over a decade of experience in the wellbeing sector, including key positions in leading fitness studios and as wellness editor for Soho House, Pearman has developed a unique perspective. Embracing roles as a brand strategist, creative lead, and cultural commentator, she has emerged as a trusted voice within the rapidly expanding market. Tilly shares her expertise with global brands, start-ups, and publications like British Vogue and The Future Laboratory.