19 Jul 2023
Why are triathlons attracting more women?

Endurance sports have long been considered to be male-dominated arenas and none more so than high-powered triathlons. Traditional Ironman events have seen a growing popularity among women keen to challenge themselves while enabling them to enjoy a sense of camaraderie and community through exercise.

Rowan Bowcutt is a co-founder of 10IronWomen and Ironman Barcelona 2019 finisher. When not doing triathlons, you can find her in a science lab researching the next therapy for inflammatory autoimmune diseases.

Sarah Curtis is a co-founder of 10IronWomen. She took part in Ironman Barcelona 2019 and has since been working to grow the 10IronWomen community and build confidence in as many women as possible that they too can take on an event like an Ironman. Outside of sport, Curtis is a psychotherapist who incorporates movement into her therapy sessions.

A former Editor of the Time Out Group’s series of guides to Lagos and Abuja, Nana has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor and cultural consultant. She Founded the digital platform, People’s Stories Project and is also an Associate Lecturer at Omnes Education (London), a liberal arts school that is headquartered in Paris. She has worked in a cultural capacity with global brands and organisations including Danish Film Institute (Copenhagen), Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva), Rolls Royce Muse (UK), Design Indaba (South Africa) Pernod-Ricard (Paris) and is an ongoing consultant for British Council (UK).