Fank yew, luv! The science of hun culture
7 Jul 2023
Fank yew, luv! The science of hun culture

Huns are sweeping the internet with goofy spellings and light-hearted memes. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Christian Ilbury at the University of Edinburgh to understand how hun culture highlights the rapid growth of internet communities and how brands may intentionally tap into those subcultures.

Dr. Christian Ilbury

Dr. Christian Ilbury is a lecturer in sociolinguistics at the University of Edinburgh whose research explores the relationship between digital culture and language variation. His work lies at the intersection of linguistics, media studies, and anthropology.

Safa Arshadullah

Safa Arshadullah is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8 with a background in organisational studies and strategic communications. To her, exploring behavioural and cultural insights is a means of learning nuances to better foster equity and justice in the world. Outside of work, you can find her tinkering with her chai recipe, taking meandering walks in neighborhoods she’s never been to, or analysing one of the multiple TV series she’s watching.