What does ‘security’ mean in times of polycrisis?
9 May 2023
What does ‘security’ mean in times of polycrisis?

Multiple interconnected crises since the turn of the decade have highlighted the gaps in support left by governments around the world. Some people are turning to brands and local communities as more trustworthy sources of aid, but how can they provide a feeling of security amid ongoing uncertainty?

David Karpf

Dr. David Karpf is an associate professor at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. He is known for his research on the intersection of technology and politics and has written extensively on topics such as online activism, digital media, and networked social movements.

Amber Haank

Amber Haank is the strategy director at AMARU, a cultural strategy and branding agency based in Amsterdam. She led the strategy team that composed the whitepaper titled ‘Culture + Chaos + Community’, which explores the intersection of tech and culture from both macro and micro perspectives.

Ozge Sargin

Ozge Sargin is an award-winning senior strategist and insights writer who has degrees from Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths University. She loves to demystify the ways in which meaning flows within consumer culture and considers herself a ‘multidimensional storyteller’, using mediums such as brand strategy, screenwriting, and academic essays. Her Turkish background has taught her to handle chaotic situations with dark humour and made her a strategic expert in crisis management. As an advisory board member for PEN International's only youth literary platform, she secretly thinks comics are a great form of literature.