How can people navigate AI-generated misinformation?
18 Apr 2023
How can people navigate AI-generated misinformation?

Disinformation spreads like wildfire on social media, especially when it’s fueled by dark money and content farms. But what happens when generative AI like ChatGPT makes creating such material as easy as hitting enter? And what role can brands play in combating this worrying trend?

Felix Simon

Felix Simon is a Leverhulme scholar at the Oxford Internet Institute, where he covers AI in journalism and misinformation.

Elinor Carmi

Dr. Elinor Carmi is a lecturer in data politics and social justice at City University, London.

Liam Dugan

Liam Dugan is a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, with the Penn NLP group.

Tamlin Magee

Tamlin Magee is a freelance technology journalist and culture writer.