What’s driving Gen Z’s stick shift renaissance?
12 Apr 2023
What’s driving Gen Z’s stick shift renaissance?

The popularity of manual transmission cars is on the rise among Gen Z, with several manufacturers adding new stick shift models to their line-ups. This trend may seem counterintuitive, but are we seeing a cultural shift in car preferences, and what impact will this have on the future of technology?

Jenk Oz

Jenk Oz is a 17-year-old social entrepreneur, public speaker, activist, consultant, and presenter. He's also the founder and CEO of Thred Media, a social enterprise focused on publishing, media, consulting, and production aimed at Gen Zers. He has been featured in over 300 press articles and has received more than 30 awards, including the Digiday Publisher Award, Anthem Award, The Diana Award, British Citizen Youth Award, Top 100 Digital Leaders, Great British Young Entrepreneur, and Progress 1000: Most Influential Person.

Mark Beal

Mark Beal is a professor of public relations at Rutgers University and the author of ‘Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media’.

Joey Levenson

Joey Levenson is a writer and editor with a wealth of experience across art and culture. This includes working on the editorial team for HERO Magazine and It's Nice That as well as freelance political and economic journalism for Tribune and broader culture journalism for The Face and Dazed. They have conducted countless interviews and have shared their expertise on aesthetic trends with the likes of Facebook, Adobe, and Squarespace.