How can beer brands appeal to sober-curious Aussies?
3 Apr 2023
How can beer brands appeal to sober-curious Aussies?

Alcohol has long been central to Australian culture – from celebrations and commiserations to casual social get-togethers. However, amid increasing focus on health and self-care, young non-drinkers and a wave of no- and low- alcohol options are on the rise. How can beer brands appeal to this shift?

Glen Reiss

Glen Reiss is the co-founder of Living KoKo, a zero-waste cacao/chocolate manufacturing space based in Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne. He works closely with local and Pacific-based organisations to support local communities through ethical trade.

Amber Sunderland

Amber Sunderland is the co-founder of T Totaler, a tea bar and online tea shop established in Sydney in 2012. T Totaler crafts inventive tea-based drinks with a focus on Australian-grown tea and native botanicals.

Phoebe Preuss

Phoebe Preuss is a Samoan multi-disciplinary artist, entrepreneur, and marine/environmental activist. She’s the co-founder of Living KoKo a zero-waste cacao manufacturing space based in Wurrunjderi Country in Australia which imports ingredients from the Pacific Islands.

Alice Clarke

Alice Clarke is an award-winning journalist, producer, presenter, and script writer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in games, technology, TV, music, opinion, and general pop culture.