Money Sector Snapshot: March 2023
22 Mar 2023
Money Sector Snapshot: March 2023

How can fintech apps facilitate impulse shopping without adding debt? What are Gen Zers doing to safeguard their financial futures? Why are people across ages increasingly concerned about their pensions? And will persistent economic turmoil spell the end for young people’s dreams of homeownership?

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Otegha Uwagba

Otegha Uwagba is the founder of women’s networking platform Women Who and the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Little Black Book, a career handbook for creative working women.

Sarah Megginson

Sarah Megginson is a finance and property journalist with almost 20 years of experience. She leads a team of passionate, experienced writers and editors as the head of editorial at Finder. She is a regular media commentator on TV, in print, and online, and is passionate about showing everyday people how to make their money work harder.

Laura Whateley

Laura Whateley is an award-winning journalist and author of The Sunday Times best-seller Money: A Users Guide. She has experience contributing to high-profile international publications, including The Times, Grazia, The Guardian, and Elle.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is the Head of Toolkit at Canvas8. With a background in psychology, she has worked with global clients such as Google, Nike, and Mars, exploring everything from what people want from a fake tan to Gen Z’s relationship with social media. Outside of work, you’ll find her binge-watching reality TV, listening to hyperpop, or with her nose buried in a fantasy novel.

Alex Strang

Alex Strang is a senior insight editor at Canvas8 who used to be in a punk band that was signed, shaped, and spat out. He enjoys using his experience of being the product to help brands understand how to sell theirs. After studying philosophy and critical theory, he found his feet in the market research world and has been over-analysing consumer behaviour ever since, including his own. He can usually be found playing board games, watching Seinfeld, or trying too hard to make his daughter laugh.