What’s next for passion investing?
13 Mar 2023
What’s next for passion investing?

Classic pieces and designs from the archives of luxury brands provide instant cultural cachet for status-seeking shoppers while also serving as long-term investments. How is the desire to own part of a brand’s history changing luxury offerings, and where are HNWIs focusing their spending?

Arianna Aviram

Arianna Aviram is a merchandiser and collector based in New York City

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis is the managing director of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.

Faith Robinson

Faith Robinson is a writer, executive strategist, and consultant with almost a decade of experience working in the creative industries. Following an art history BA and an MA in ecology, economics, and policy, she creates world-class programmes asking social and environmental questions across the fashion industry, focusing on sustainability narratives and cultural pioneers. With experience in both the public and private sectors, Robinson's mission is ethical engagement, and her practice is rooted in contextual research. Faith has worked with brands like Nike, H&M, Kering, and more, plus a global roster of activists, eco-influencers, and NGOs.