What's causing the decline of Christianity in the UK?
31 Jan 2023
What's causing the decline of Christianity in the UK?

There has been a dramatic drop in those identifying as Christian in England and Wales, making it a minority religion for the first time. With consumers looking elsewhere for meaning, connection, and community, how can brands adapt and respond to this significant cultural shift?

Josh Bullock

Josh Bullock is a senior lecturer in criminology and sociology at Kingston University London. Primarily, his research focuses on non-religion, but he has an interest in how and where people find connection and what values and beliefs people hold.

Mathew Guest

Mathew Guest is a professor in the sociology of religion and head of the department at Durham University. His research explores religion and generational change and the institutional forces that frame how religious identities are perpetuated, sustained, and subverted within Western capitalist societies.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams is a writer who covers culture and all things small business. The rest of the time he can be found attempting to write screenplays while he waits for some surfable waves.