Why are Gen Zers embracing irony in fashion?
28 Nov 2022
Why are Gen Zers embracing irony in fashion?

As a visual-first generation, people in their late teens and early twenties are developing new layers of visual culture to build community, express their individualism, and push back against the status quo. How is the fashion sector embracing post-ironic and meta-ironic behaviours for Gen Z?

Iris Luz

Iris Luz is a photographer and visual artist based in London. Prior to this, she was social media editor at Dazed Beauty and a tech consultant for a plethora of fashion and beauty brands and magazines. These brands include Ssense, Balenciaga, Praying, Miu Miu, and more, for whom she consulted about social media direction, content ideation, and creative collaboration. Iris' overarching focus is on creating a meaningful visual language that explores the complexities and nuances of being human.

Lauren Schiller

Lauren Schiller is the co-founder and creative director of LA-based fashion brand OGBFF.

Bee Beardsworth

Bee Beardsworth is a writer, photographer, and creative director based in London with a background in fashion, media, and art. She writes about fashion and beauty through a postmodern lens, with an underlying focus on feminism and queer theory. Beardsworth recently completed a degree in the history of art and visual culture, with a strong focus on femininity and queerness in modernity, internet culture and new media, occulture, and architecture.