How is the Democratic coalition changing citizenship?
1 Nov 2022
How is the Democratic coalition changing citizenship?

From some angles, the Democratic party is as strong as it has ever been. From others, it’s on the brink of collapse. Its fate lies in the hands of three groups of American voters who will decide the future of the political party and democracy for generations to come – if they show up, that is.

Oluwakemi Oso

Oluwakemi 'Kemi' Oso has been working within progressive tech spaces since 2015. Her 'Left Brain, Right Soul' philosophy leans on her experience as a data engineer and background as an organizer for reproductive justice and The Movement for Black Lives. This holistic approach uses pop culture and accessible language to break down data and tech concepts, making them more accessible to folks of all backgrounds. She has trained thousands of organisers with Re:power, coordinating its Data x Tech Movement Fellowship in partnership with the Ford Foundation. She is the senior programme manager at Cooperative Impact Lab, where she shepherds innovative capacity-building experiments for progressive organisations.

Micah Morris

Micah Morris is a campaign, nonprofit, and tech sales and marketing professional with nearly 15 years of experience raising money, coaching teams, and running programs to create a tangible difference in people’s lives. A first-generation professional, she got her start focusing on social work and community organising in her native Appalachia.

Ben Resnik

Ben Resnik works at the intersection of politics, technology, and social change, specialising in innovative digital communications for the public good. He has held key positions at leading political technology firms like DSPolitical, Swing Left, and People First, contributing to the Democratic House sweep of 2018 and Joe Biden's victory in 2020. Also a trained speechwriter, counter-disinformation practitioner, and member of the Truman National Security Project, Ben is an expert both in how to craft an effective message, and how that power is used to empower and mislead in today's digital world.