What’s drawing Gen Zers to digital moodboarding?
17 Oct 2022
What’s drawing Gen Zers to digital moodboarding?

Digital scrapbooking in the vein of Tumblr is back, with OG platforms like Pinterest and newcomers including Landing giving Gen Zers space to build moodboards for style inspiration. What does this curatorial instinct among this generation signal about their creative values and sense of community?

Charles Broskoski

Charles Broskoski is co-founder and CEO of Are.na. He’s based in Hudson, New York, and works full-time on Are.na alongside a small team.

Liza Amlani

Liza Amlani has over 20 years of industry experience in merchandising, buying, product development, and sourcing with luxury and mass merchant retailers in both regional and global markets. She’s a regular contributor to RetailWire, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and many more. She is currently the principal at Retail Strategy Group, a consulting practice which helps companies in the retail space improve profitability and increase organisational effectiveness.

Natascha Nanji

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer with a background in Anthropology and Fine Art. She contributes to art journals, museums and tech agencies and works with arts organisations to enhance their digital systems and communications. Natascha studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art and is co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine orbiting themes around desire and erotics.