How do Americans feel about comfort food?
7 Oct 2022
How do Americans feel about comfort food?

The increased stress levels experienced in recent years have seen many Americans turn to junk food to cope, leading to greater permissiveness when indulging in ‘feel good’ foods. Canvas8 spoke to eight people about their relationship with comfort foods and their attitudes towards indulgence.

Rachel Choi

Rachel Choi is a Behavioural Analyst at Canvas8. With a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology from Oxford University, she has an interdisciplinary understanding of behavioural and cultural patterns across societies. She has a love for stories that capture the nature of human experience, through writing, media, or material culture. Outside of work, you can find her attending exhibitions, oscillating between overthinking and head-empty-just-vibes, or rewatching her favourite (usually Studio Ghibli!) films.