3 Oct 2022
What’s driving Gen Z’s interest in romance novels?

The emotional rollercoaster of the past few years has left Gen Zers calling upon contemporary coping mechanisms to alleviate stress. One not so modern, however, is their latest obsession with romance novels. What can we learn about their escapist search for comfort and connection?

Sonali Kulkarni is a recipient of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship. She is presently based at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where she teaches and researches the intersection of children's and young adult literature with new media and the resulting developments in reading behaviour. She is particularly interested in young people's literary participation online and repeat consumption of children's literature. She is also a practising translator (Fr-En, It-En) and often writes on language and translation.

Dr. Bronwyn Reddan is a research fellow on the Australian Research Council linkage project ‘Discovering a “Good Read”: Pathways to Reading for Australian Teens’. Her research examines the social and emotional dimensions of literary cultures, with particular interests in women’s writing, fairy tales, and the development of social reading communities on digital social media platforms.

Having weaved a career that started in PR and social, and led to journalism before turning to the dark side (brand side), Mariella is able to execute all kinds of projects. From research to editorial, ideation to creation. Mariella worked within the fashion industry - both in London and Dubai - for over ten years at publications and brands such as Bustle, ELLE UK, Ounass, Wednesday, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Middle East. Now, Mariella focuses her energy on culturally conscious conversations, whether that’s consulting and strategising for her clients, or writing about positive escapism, sustainable style, mindfulness and women empowerment.