How are people with disabilities navigating remote work?
22 Sep 2022
How are people with disabilities navigating remote work?

People with disabilities face numerous barriers at work, but as COVID-19 locked down the world, the shift to WFH created new professional opportunities. As businesses seek to restore normalcy post-pandemic, how can they ensure that remote and hybrid set-ups best serve workers with disabilities?

Shani Dhanda

Shani Dhanda is one of the UK's highest-profile and most influential disability activists and a multi-award-winning inclusion specialist, working with global companies, broadcasters, and the UK government to break barriers and integrate intersectional inclusion and accessibility into their frameworks. As an influential woman in leadership and social entrepreneur, Shani has taken change into her own hands and founded numerous organisations to improve representation and challenge social inequality globally – including Diversability, Asian Woman Festival, and Asian Disability Network. Shani has been recognised with over 21 awards for her inclusion and activism work.

Natasha Lipman

Natasha Lipman is a former BBC journalist and host of The Rest Room podcast who specialises in writing about chronic illness, disability, and health. Her content is recommended by many NHS clinicians. In 2019 she was named one of the most influential disabled people in the UK. She has also been a Global Changemaker, Virgin Media Pioneer, and Rhize Emerging Catalyst. She is the Content Lead for Visible, a company that is building an activity tracking platform for illness, not wellness. Over the years, Natasha has consulted with many businesses, start-ups and media organisations on content for and about living with complex long-term health conditions.