What's causing the rise of 'kidulting'?
12 Sep 2022
What's causing the rise of 'kidulting'?

The pandemic lockdowns resulted in adults having more free time, with many cultivating new past-times, playing games, and finding new ways to escape the seriousness of being a grown-up by doing something they love. But who are the ‘kidults’? And why are they prioritizing playtime?

Kaylin Marcotte

Kaylin Marcotte is the founder and CEO of JIGGY, a direct-to-consumer jigsaw puzzle brand on a mission to modernise and elevate jigsaws and support female artists around the world. Prior to launching JIGGY, Marcotte founded Village Strategies, a marketing consultancy, and was the first employee at theSkimm, running its community marketing, social media, and Skimm’bassadors.

Lore Oxford

Lore Oxford is a cultural theorist and strategist. She's also the author of Substack column 'Why tho?', where she writes about internet culture and the adoption of Web3.

Ally Elphick

Ally Elphick is a Bristol-based Copywriter and Brand Strategy Consultant, who supports brands seeking to forge a more sustainable future for people and planet, together. When she's not reporting on emerging trends or exploring how her clients can better communicate their purpose, she's tending to her veg plot or making a dash to the coast for weekends spent surfing from the comfort of her campervan.