What’s driving Gen Z’s love of nu metal?
3 Aug 2022
What’s driving Gen Z’s love of nu metal?

From nu metal to pop punk, Gen Zers are gazing backwards into the canon of music and pulling out a string of genres from the 90s and 00s. But as the Y2K alt-music scene travels into the present, how are young people reinventing the past while simultaneously idealizing it?

Jer Hunter

Jer Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist ska musician. They are openly queer, non-binary, and polyamorous. Hunter has a solo music project named JER, is also the trombonist for We Are The Union, and runs the Skatune Network on YouTube.

Emma Thompson-Murphy

Emma Thompson-Murphy is the co-founder of FMLY Agency’s Artist Management division, with past and present artists such as Vegyn, Joe Armon-Jones, Petite Noir, Nala Sinephro, and Nubya Garcia. Outside of FMLY, she was a mentor at the Music Industry Diversity Initiative, championing diversity, equality, and inclusion, as well as an assistant director of Morocco’s Oasis Festival.

Ali Awad

Ali Awad is a writer and music producer based in Toronto. Having worked in studios across the UK and Canada, Ali is interested in both the sensory and cultural aspects of music.