How is inflation impacting people’s transport choices?
6 Jul 2022
How is inflation impacting people’s transport choices?

With the cost of living crunching on people’s disposable incomes, they’re looking for more affordable ways to mitigate the staggering rise of petrol and also avoid the soul-crushing commuter jams of pre-pandemic life. Can e-mobility move beyond early adopters and break the mainstream?

Alice Ridley

Alice Ridley is head of communications at the Campaign for Better Transport. Prior to that she worked in the press offices of a number of health and environment charities.

George Symes

George Symes is the UK regional manager at Neuron Mobility.

Jenny Cusack

Jenny is a Gold award-winning writer, trend forecaster and strategist specialising in brand storytelling. Her services include brand discovery, formation and strategy, content auditing, content strategy, copywriting, and top-line insights for C-suite level decision makers.

She has worked for media companies globally ideating the future of trusted journalism and story formats, such as the NY Times and FT, and in development project backed by Nike Inc, where she worked with Fuseproject to pivot business supply and value chains to benefit women and girls.

Jenny is also a published poet and journalist, with works featuring in Dazed & Confused, BBC Futures, and Flaunt magazine in LA.