What do Americans want 'being green' to mean?
3 Mar 2022
What do Americans want 'being green' to mean?

As American consumers become increasingly aware of greenwashing and global supply chains, a new skepticism is growing around what sustainability means. Today, new EPR regulations are challenging businesses to be more transparent about their impact, while individuals are holding brands to account.

Carmen Artigas

Carmen Artigas is a circular fashion designer and consultant with over 20 years of design experience. She has worked with high-end and mass-market brands, like Donna Karan, Swatch, Kate Spade, Home Depot, and Walmart, to improve sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices. She has spearheaded the sustainable design curricula at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons the New School for Design, and Pratt Institute.

Lilian Liu

Lilian Liu is a sustainability expert working across strategy, programme management, and communications. She is deeply experienced in driving positive change in the fashion and technology sectors. She has worked as a senior strategist with Futerra, as well as with the United Nations Global Compact, Redress, and Social Accountability International. Currently, she works to scale social impact and sustainability at Braze. Liu’s work has been recognised by industry-leading awards such as Greenbiz 30 Under 30 and Grist50.

Emily Viola

Emily Viola is a cultural strategist with over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, consumer insights, new product launches, qualitative and quantitative research, and channel planning; helping to bring about a world where sustainable choices are the desirable default. Emily is currently the head of planning, North America at Futerra.

Meleah Moore

Meleah Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and communications consultant for social enterprises. She holds a degree in sustainable development from the University of St Andrews.