Why are narratives around divorce changing?
15 Feb 2022
Why are narratives around divorce changing?

Divorce is no longer being associated with failure, with many now viewing it as something to be celebrated. The narrative is shifting from irreconcilable differences to a mutual ‘freeing’, and the notion of a ‘nuclear family’ is falling away. Why and how are these attitudes evolving?

Amanda McAlister

Amanda McAlister is a family law practitioner, specialising in divorce involving financial issues, particularly those with an international element, complex pensions, or trusts. She also represents parents and family members in disputes concerning arrangements for children. Her clients range from famous names in the world of sports and media to legal, banking, and medical professionals. She's the managing partner of McAlister Family Law, an award-winning specialist practice recently listed in The Times Top 200 Law Firms.

Lucy Blake

Dr. Lucy Blake is a developmental psychologist with research focusing on family relationships. She completed her PhD and postdoctoral research at the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge and has been a lecturer on children, young people, and families at Edge Hill University and the University of the West of England. She has authored many research papers and a book called No Family Is Perfect: A Guide to Embracing the Messy Reality.

Kate Daly

Kate Daly is a divorce expert, entrepreneur, and co-founder of law tech scale-up, amicable, founded after her own traumatic divorce. Kate is a serial entrepreneur having run three separate businesses since leaving a management consultancy position within KPMG. She has a strong background in psychology, having trained as a resolution family consultant and divorce coach, including work with some of London’s top collaborative lawyers during the mid-2000s.

Megan Carnegie

Megan Carnegie is a journalist and editor. She has written for Courier, Time Out, Guardian Weekend, Creative Review, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and more. Outside of work, she can be found reading, running, and killing off her houseplants.