Why are people shifting to alt-tech channels?
5 Jan 2022
Why are people shifting to alt-tech channels?

With concerns around data security and censorship driving a growing sense of dissatisfaction with Big Tech, some people are searching for ways to communicate, socialise, and organise online outside of mainstream social media platforms. How will this shift transform the digital space?

Anastasia Kavada

Anastasia Kavada is a reader in media and politics at the University of Westminster, where she leads the MA programme in Media, Campaigning, and Social Change. Her research focuses on how online tools and digital media have been used by activists and progressive movements. She teaches on communication theory, new media theory, activism, and campaigning.

Dan Cassino

Dan Cassino is a professor of government and politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Department of Social Sciences and History and executive director of the FDU Poll (formerly PublicMind). He studies the cognitive psychology of the survey response and how masculinity shapes the social and political attitudes of men. His books include Fox News and American Politics and Gender Threat.

Alex King

Alex King is a journalist and former staff writer at Huck, a youth culture magazine and website in London. Now based in Athens, he writes about creative subcultures, human rights and activism around the world.