How do parents want their kids protected online?
11 Oct 2021
How do parents want their kids protected online?

Pandemic lockdowns led to an unprecedented surge in children’s usage of digital devices. Yet while tech helped alleviate some of the pressure placed on parents at the peak of the crisis, the mass digitisation of everyday life has raised questions around just how safe kids are online.

Caroline Allams

Caroline Allams is Natterhub’s co-founder, chief product officer, and an experienced educator. Natterhub, a gated immersive online safety and digital citizenship learning platform, provides primary schools with a tool to develop crucial soft skills and teaches pupils to understand the digital landscape. Caroline passionately believes that digital citizenship and media literacy warrant a higher profile in schools. Launched in 2020, the multi-award-winning Natterhub has been adopted by more than 4,500 classes in over 66 countries worldwide. Caroline played a significant role in the £2.5 million-plus investment acquisition from TwinklHive.

Nicolle Embra

Nicolle Embra runs The Cyber Safety Tech Mum, which she created after having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and having three children. She provides consulting and educational work and resources regarding child online safety, including healthy screen time habits.

Cris Pikes

Cris Pikes is the CEO and founder of Image Analyzer, a company that provides award-winning visual threat moderation software used by technology companies and law enforcement agencies to automatically identify and prevent the upload or sharing of illegal and harmful images, video, and live-streamed footage. Image Analyzer is a member of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association.

Ant Firth-Clark

Ant Firth-Clark is an associate strategy director at Canvas8. He oversees a broad number of consultancy projects, covering subjects ranging from diversity to cultural strategy to futures. His career background spans marketing, comms, media, creative, and corporate strategy, and he's worked with leading clients such as Google, Nike, Diageo, Coty, and Adidas.

Megan Tatum

Megan Tatum is a journalist. Previously she worked as features editor of The Grocer exploring news, trends and innovation in the food and retail sector, and now writes for a variety of companies and publications on everything from technology to sustainability to start-up culture.