Olivia Yallop on the influence economy
26 Nov 2021
Olivia Yallop on the influence economy

‘Influence’ is a multi-billion dollar industry. But what actually is it? Who determines who has it? And what impact does it have on society? Canvas8 spoke to brand and trend strategist Olivia Yallop about the future of influencer ubiquity and how brands can stay ahead in an influence economy.

Olivia Yallop

Olivia Yallop is a brand strategist and trend analyst specialising in social media, youth culture, and the creator economy. She builds next-gen identities and marketing experiences for clients across the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries including Nike, Adidas, Depop, Disney, and Converse. Olivia also lectures at LCF and contributes to research and media covering the social/digital space, including as a regular talking head explaining internet trends on Times Radio. Her first book, Break the Internet, was published in November 2021.

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard is a journalist specialising in business, technology, family and social affairs. As well as Canvas8, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, BBC Worldwide, The Independent and more.