How is DIY broadcasting changing radio?
11 Nov 2021
How is DIY broadcasting changing radio?

Throughout the pandemic, many Britons turned to radio for a sense of comfort and security. Yet while the likes of BBC Radio 2 and Capital FM may play popular music, they’re not popular among all listeners. How are independent stations gaining ground with audiences outside of the mainstream?

William Dickson

William Dickson is head of communications at NTS Radio. He studied English at Oxford University and is now based in London, UK.

Sam Dolbear

Sam Dolbear is the founder of MayDay Rooms, an online radio archive and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories.

Nina Franklin

Nina Franklin is the studio manager of Melodic Distraction, an independent internet-based radio station based in Liverpool. She is also a broadcaster and DJ and has a residency at NTS Radio.

Günseli Yalçinkaya

An expert in youth and internet culture, London-based writer, researcher, and critic Günseli Yalçinkaya is the features editor at Dazed and the host of Logged On, a podcast series that puts online trends under the microscope. She’s written extensively about AI, VR, and psychedelia, and as an artist, she studies the relationship between ecology, magic, and machine learning.