Why green energy is powering homes Down Under
14 Oct 2021
Why green energy is powering homes Down Under

While Australians’ attitudes towards renewable energy are on the rise – reflecting a growing appetite for more sustainable homes – issues around accessibility remain Down Under. Where are the biggest opportunities for innovation in the country’s journey towards green energy?

Darren Gladman

Darren Gladman is a director of distributed energy at the Clean Energy Council, based in Melbourne, Victoria. Previously, he was a senior field technician at Flick Anticimex.

Joel Gibson

Joel Gibson is a consumer money-saving expert and the author of Easy Money and Kill Bills!. He delivers crucial updates to slash energy, telco, insurance, and housing costs.

Andrew Blakers

Professor Andrew Blakers is the director of the Australian National University Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems. He is responsible for several innovations in solar energy photovoltaic technology, including ‘sliver cells’.

Mariam Gabaji

Mariam Gabaji is a tech and utilities expert at Finder with over 12 years of experience in print and digital media. Since joining Finder, Mariam has developed a particular interest in personal finance trends and insights. Her expertise is often featured in media, including ABC News, Yahoo Finance, 9News, 7News, A Current Affair, The Guardian, SBS, and Money Magazine. Outside of work, you’ll find her curled up on the sofa reading or scrolling through BookTok for her next read.