Maribel Alvarez on the loss of rituals during COVID-19
20 Aug 2021
Maribel Alvarez on the loss of rituals during COVID-19

The inability to participate in IRL celebrations and ceremonies during the pandemic has significantly impacted people’s sense of community as well as their psychological wellbeing. Canvas8 spoke to anthropologist Maribel Alvarez about the new rituals that formed in response to the crisis.

Maribel Alvarez

Maribel Alvarez is an anthropologist, folklorist, curator, and community arts expert and has published essays on subjects such as nonprofits and cultural policy, poetry and food, and popular culture and stereotypes. She is an associate research social scientist and associate research professor at the University of Arizona’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Izaak Binet

Izaak Binet is a researcher and filmmaker and works as a behavioral analyst at Canvas8. He holds a master’s in international development from the LSE and speaks French and Spanish. Outside of work, he spends his time swimming, reading, and watching films at the BFI.