How LGBTQ+ artists are reshaping Latinx music
29 Jul 2021
How LGBTQ+ artists are reshaping Latinx music

Several queer and non-binary Latinx musicians have hit the mainstream in the US, with these stars building on local scenes that have boosted the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in the community, despite certain challenges. What does this new wave of artists tell us about LatAm cultural sensibilities?

Dr. Priscila Álvarez-Cueva

Dr. Priscila Álvarez-Cueva is a researcher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Her interests include identity, gender, popular culture, and how they intersect with music. She has written about reggaeton and its mainstream appeal and the effects of COVID-19 on Latinx musical spaces in Spain.

Betty Avila

Betty Avila is the executive director of Self Help Graphics and Art, which fosters the advancement of new art by Chicana/o and Latinx artists. Her work has centered on the intersection of the arts and social justice, with a particular focus on community building, public space, and youth empowerment.

Andres Zambrano Bravo

Andres Zambrano Bravo is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who loves to ask why. He loves puzzles and seeks answers to social phenomena and trends, helping researchers, companies, and artists to also find their voice along the way. When not annoying people with questions, you can find him spinning records in one of Berlin’s smoky venues.