Can alt period tracking transform female wellness?
12 Jul 2021
Can alt period tracking transform female wellness?

Rather than dreading the monthly bleed, a growing number of women are learning to work with their menstrual cycles, transforming their lives in the process. How could increased knowledge about the infradian rhythm and better health tech give women greater power over their bodies?

Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti is the best-selling author of both WomanCode and In the FLO. She is also the creator of the Cycle Syncing Method(R) – a diet, fitness, and lifestyle program that is based on women’s biological rhythms for optimal health, fitness, and productivity – and the founder of, a digital hormonal healthcare company for women.

Dr. Tamar Krishnamurti

Dr. Tamar Krishnamurti is an assistant professor of medicine and clinical and translational science at the University of Pittsburgh. She is the program director of the FemTech Collaborative, a collective of academic researchers with a unified vision of creating digital tools to address sexual and reproductive healthcare needs.

Isabella Ubaldi

Isabella Ubaldi is an optimistic nihilist and writer/copywriter with a background in advertising. She likes to write about the human condition: be it emerging cultural movements, the psychology of grief or uncovering scientific advancements in biohacking.