How COVID-19 is switching up Aussie drinking habits
6 Aug 2020
How COVID-19 is switching up Aussie drinking habits

From the way they buy their alcohol to the quantities in which they consume it, Australians’ drinking preferences are evolving. As COVID-19 re-shapes the behavioural landscape both temporarily and in the longer term, how can Aussies’ desires be better fulfilled in the moment and beyond?

Andrew Wilsmore

Andrew Wilsmore is CEO of Alcohol Beverages Australia, a body underlining the positive social, cultural, and economic contributions of alcohol beverages in the country.

Harriet Messenger

Harriet Messenger is Husk Distillers’ marketing and hospitality manager.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas writes about food, beer, and sustainable farming for magazines and blogs. Also a researcher, he's produced reports and provided consultancy support for food brands such as McCain, PepsiCo, and Epicurean Events.