How are ethical expectations changing ride-hailing?
17 May 2021
How are ethical expectations changing ride-hailing?

As public discourse shifts from pandemic bedlam to a green recovery, ride-hailing companies are promising all-electric fleets to cater to shifting values. But will eco-friendly vehicles be enough to attract passengers after a year-long slump? And what else do Americans expect from these services?

Melissa Berry

Melissa Berry is the managing editor and chief of staff at The Rideshare Guy, a blog that covers the ride-sharing industry and provides resources for drivers. Her writing focuses on breaking news, tech statistics, green technology, and politics and labor.

Mischa Young

Mischa Young is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Davis's Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis). His research focuses on emerging transportation technologies and the future mobility of both goods and individuals within the urban landscape.

Erin Levitsky

Erin Levitsky is based in Toronto, where she is equal parts writer and photography curator. Her background is in media theory, technoculture, and photography history and preservation.