How are digital therapeutics transforming healthcare?
25 Mar 2021
How are digital therapeutics transforming healthcare?

Telemedicine has been a saving grace during the pandemic, allowing sick Americans to receive care without risking getting sicker. Yet for those with chronic illness, the practical implications of recent developments in digital care are sure to prevail long past COVID-19’s end.

Bob Gold

Bob Gold is the chief clinical behavioral technologist and founder at GoMo Health. He has over 20 years’ applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of human motivation, activation, and resiliency.

Matt Longman

Matt Longman is the marketing and communications manager for Medisafe, a US-based digital therapeutics company specializing in medication management solutions.

Erin Levitsky

Erin Levitsky is based in Toronto, where she is equal parts writer and photography curator. Her background is in media theory, technoculture, and photography history and preservation.