Why wellness fans are dreaming of sleep
20 Jan 2021
Why wellness fans are dreaming of sleep

As well as disrupting their shopping habits and working arrangements, COVID-19 caused the upheaval of regular sleeping schedules for many Americans. With pandemic-related stress set to continue into 2021, how can brands help combat insomnia and guide people into dreamland?

Dr. Neil Stanley

Dr. Neil Stanley has been studying sleep for 38 years and is now the director of sleep science at Sleep Station. He is also the author of the book How to Sleep Well.

Dr. Stephane Pigeon

Dr. Stephane Pigeon is a research engineer, sound designer, and consultant who devotes most of his time to developing his myNoise website.

Lynda Cowell

Lynda Cowell is a London-based writer, web editor, and former BBC television researcher. Having written for the likes of The Voice, Pride, The Guardian, Time Out and Marie Claire, much of her work has focused on race and gender, but not exclusively. In her free time, she likes to read, drink red wine, and watch the kind of television programmes other people sneer at.