Hey Siri?! The science of smart tech trust
20 Nov 2020
Hey Siri?! The science of smart tech trust

With more time spent at home, the use of voice assistants has risen but many remain wary. What’s important for building trust in these devices? Canvas8 spoke to Jonas Föhr, a marketing and consumer researcher, to understand how people create and maintain trust with voice assistants.

Jonas Föhr

Jonas Föhr is a research assistant for the Chair of Marketing & Consumer Behavior, at the Department of Marketing & Services at Bayreuth University, Germany. He specialises in marketing and consumer behaviour and has a background in media culture and journalism.

Ope Oduwole

Ope Oduwole is a junior behavioral analyst at Canvas8. He has a BA from the University of Nottingham and leans on the inquisitive nature of his studies. With an avid interest in all things creative, if he’s not at a concert or poetry reading, he’s buried inside a book with a cup of green tea.