3 Nov 2020
What’s the next step for accessible digital design?

The pandemic has exposed how the visually-impaired community is being failed by poor web and app design. This report examines the implications of the growing ‘senior surfer’ cohort and opportunities for brands to increase revenue and build a stronger society through user-centric design.

Alwar Pillai has always been passionate about inclusive design. Today, she is the CEO of Fable Tech Labs, an online platform that companies use to test their digital products with people with disabilities.

Vikas Khorana is an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of TruAbilities, the industry’s first-ever patent-pending accessible display advertising solution.

Based in London, Brian Grellmann is a Senior UX Researcher at Aviva, focusing on accessibility and inclusion.

Tim Slater is a tech writer. With a history of working in start-up communications, he is especially interested in the sharing economy, retail, and fintech trends.