Why lockdown stoked the streaming wars
12 Oct 2020
Why lockdown stoked the streaming wars

HBO, Disney Plus, Apple+, and now Peacock – there are now around 300 streaming services in the US. But despite an initial wave of interest during the pandemic, consumer behavior has shifted, with many people reassessing which services are worth their buck. What does this mean for big providers?

Kevin Wescott

Kevin is a Vice Chairman and leads the US Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment (TM&E) practice of Deloitte. He has 30 years of experience in strategic and operational planning, as well as implementing global business change and technology projects for major telecom and media organizations.

Dr. Faye Woods

Faye Woods is an Associate Professor at the University of Reading, England. Her recent work focuses on streaming platforms, female representation in film and television, and feminist media studies. She is currently working on a monograph on television period drama for Edinburgh University Press.

Andres Zambrano Bravo

Andres Zambrano Bravo is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who loves to ask why. He loves puzzles and seeks answers to social phenomena and trends, helping researchers, companies, and artists to also find their voice along the way. When not annoying people with questions, you can find him spinning records in one of Berlin’s smoky venues.