Beyond status symbols, what now for smartphones?
30 Sep 2020
Beyond status symbols, what now for smartphones?

As the pandemic keeps people at home, the way we use our phones is changing. But shifts were happening pre-COVID-19, as tech moved away from novelty and into everyday life. Is design alone enough when it comes to creating aspirational items? And how are ethical values impacting the tech space?

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is business development manager at On-Foot, a mobile app offering fully immersive walking tours with rich interactive media, using augmented and virtual reality.

Elodie Marteau

Elodie Marteau's work consists of helping businesses identify opportunities to future-proof their brands and marketing strategies. She is passionate about cultures, unlocking new consumer insights, and understanding emerging attitudes and behaviours, and specialises in consumer research, strategic foresight, and trends intelligence consultancy.

Marjory Drevet

Marjory Drevet is a researcher and strategist based in Toronto. She has advised brands on how to best connect with their customers across various industries and markets.