Check this out! The science of consumer arrogance
14 Aug 2020
Check this out! The science of consumer arrogance

Arrogance is often seen as a ‘negative’ behaviour – a sign that a person is self-centred and lacking empathy. But could boastfulness be a good thing in some situations? Dr.Ayalla Ruvio, an associate professor at Michigan State University, explains the value of bragging in a consumer context.

Dr. Ayalla Ruvio

Dr. Ayalla Ruvio is an applied consumer behaviour researcher who focuses on issues such as identity and consumption, material versus experiential consumption, consumer arrogance, and cross-cultural consumer behaviour.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. With a background in anthropology, she’s experienced in understanding the cultural mechanisms that shape the world. When not working, she’s making documentaries for her MA programme or wild swimming.