Are Aussies ready to lap up low- and no-alcohol beer?
14 May 2019
Are Aussies ready to lap up low- and no-alcohol beer?

Alcohol consumption may be declining Down Under, but more than two-thirds of Aussies still consider a drink with mates to be a great national tradition. Can low- and no-alcohol beers provide an adequate substitute for booze? And what constitutes a beer-drinking experience without the beer?

Matt Kirkegaard

Matt Kirkegaard is a beer connoisseur and writer who has developed a national reputation as one of the few independent beer educators and advocates in Australia. He was named the inaugural Australian Beer Writer of the Year at the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards.

Patrick Subacius

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Subacius shares the ownership and management of The Wandi Pub with his mate, Tim Huechan. Located in Wandiligong in rural Victoria, the pair have focused on building a positive drinking culture with a warm social feel, receiving Time Out’s People’s Choice for Best Regional Pub in 2017.

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill is a writer with a history of legal and sociology research. After spending years writing and arguing about legal technicalities, she realised there was far more to our social world to both read and experience.