How has COVID-19 changed the way people shop online?
7 Jul 2020
How has COVID-19 changed the way people shop online?

As COVID-19 lockdown measures have forced more people to rely on e-commerce, delivery channels have faced fresh challenges. Canvas8 spoke to Ken Allen, the author of Radical Simplicity, to understand how the pandemic could impact online shopping both in the short term and long term.

Ken Allen

Ken Allen is the CEO of DHL eCommerce and the author of Radical Simplicity: How simplicity transformed a loss-making mega brand into a world-class performer. His leadership skills at DHL helped the company reversed over a decade of poor financial performance and deliver one of the biggest global turnarounds in the history of transportation.

Luana Sambell

Luana Sambell is a behavioural analyst on the Cultural Intelligence team at Canvas8. With an MSc in consumer behaviour, she’s interested in how pop- and sub-cultures shape people’s preferences, judgements, and decision-making. Outside of work, you can usually find her cycling around London looking for dumplings or natural wine.