How is tech changing everyday life for Brazilians?
29 Nov 2019
How is tech changing everyday life for Brazilians?

As Brazilians increasingly turn to tech for all their daily needs, from banking to wellbeing to getting dinner delivered, they are adopting new behaviours across tech, healthcare and commerce sectors. Amidst this change, how can brands step in to cater to evolving audience behaviours and needs?

Davide Barenghi

Davide Barenghi is the founder and CEO of Comigo Saúde, a medical clinic based in São Paulo. He is an Italian lawyer who came to Brazil in 2014 to work in the financial market, but having analysed and identified opportunities in the country, he went on to pursue his interest in the healthcare industry.

Camila Vidal

Brazilian digital expert Camila Vidal is the founder of Wikibrands, a digital strategy consultancy. Vidal created the Moving Girls community in 2018 to connect female digital entrepreneurs and establish a network of support in the industry. With 114,000 followers on Instagram, the community offers Brazilian women practical advice, inspiration, and connections.