Why is everyone and their mom on TikTok?
5 Nov 2019
Why is everyone and their mom on TikTok?

Video-sharing platform TikTok is almost synonymous with teenagers – but now their mothers are getting involved. Meet a new generation of parents: playful, meme-loving lip-syncers who are creating some of the most popular content on the platform.

Alessandro Bogliari

Alessandro Bogliari is a digital entrepreneur and growth marketer. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Influencer Marketing Factory, a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands and companies launch influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Felicity Kane

A TikTok Mom herself, and a marketing professional by day, Felicity Kane has built up a huge following on the platform by uploading videos of her sons being pranked or lip syncing to songs with her.

Sarah Drumm

Sarah Drumm is a freelance journalist covering small businesses, start-ups, and new consumer brands. She is a contributor to Canvas8 and published a report on the popularity of direct-to-consumer brand communities for Thingtesting.